Flower wrapping says a lot about your company

Your chosen packaging affects your sales in many ways. It protects the product but also works as an advertisementthat represents your brand. The right design will emphasise the product. Carccu offers a wide selection of the best flower wrapping papers in Europe. Our options cover everything from simple and stylish to expressive and flamboyant.

In this selection you will find everything you need for packing flowers, whether it be wrapping paper, plant bags or cellophane. You can personalise the packaging by adding your company logo or a picture of your choice. The right packaging reflects the quality of your product. Flowers are a gift – one which bring a lot of joy to the recipient.

We have made ordering as easy as possible. Our online store serves you 24 hours a day and we also take orders over the phone and via e-mail during the week. Our reliable delivery system is our strong point. We can also store your packaging materials for you and deliver them when needed.
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